Collecting Update

Not a lot has gone on in my collection since my last post. However, I am in the process of completing a trade for yet another new autographed T206 cards for my collection. If successful, it would bring my total of different signed T206 cards to a whopping 36 -- an even 3 dozen! Hard to imagine when I started six years ago by purchasing 4 signed T206 cards of Rube Marquard on ebay that I would have nearly 10 times as many within 6 years.

Naturally, it feels as though the well is drying up. But I keep my eyes open for new opportunities all the time. If you've got any leads, please let me know. My "modest" goal is to obtain 50 different signed T206 cards within my lifetime. Much of this is dependent on cards stashed away in private collections making their way into auctions or other public markets. And, of course, a lot of patience.

Stay tuned......