"T205'ers" Not In T206

We often discuss why certain players did not have a cards -- or why certain cards were not produced in certain quantities based on theories about caramel and tobacco licensing and products. Well, have you ever compared the 1911 T205 checklist to the 1909-11 T206 checklist? I did this afternoon, and I have to tell you, I was quite surprised at the number of players that appear in T205 but not T206. (While we're at it, why did Burdick get to T205 before T206 if T205 came second?)

In any event, I count at least 32 T205ers not in T206.

1 Archer
2 Austin
3 Bailey
4 Cady
5 Corridon
6 Daubert
7 Dickson
8 Fischer
9 Flynn
10 Foxen
11 Frick
12 Gardner
13 Grant
14 Hanford
15 Harmon
16 Hauser
17 Lang(e)
18 Lee
19 Leever
20 Lush
21 McAllister
22 McConnell
23 Nee
24 Richie
25 Rowan
26 Scanlan
27 Shean
28 Simmons
29 Suggs
30 Vaughn
31 Kirb White
32 Wolter

Seems to me that many of these players were already established by or in the period of the T206 run (1909-11), e.g., Leever and Wolter. And clearly each was either willing or did not successfully object to his appearance on a tobacco card. So how'd they get their mugs on T205 but not T206 -- especially if T206s were issued in 1911 along with their T205 counterpart? Obviously, the number of players in T205 was significantly limited in comparison to the T206 set. So why would approximately 1/6 of the T205 set contain entirely new players? The obvious explanations would be a combination of (a) expired/new player licenses; with (b) declining/emerging talent.