Enjoying Pre-War Cards Digitally

I just upgraded my Blackberry to the new hybrid touchscreen Torch, and I am very happy with it. By far the coolest thing I have done with it is uploaded my entire T206 collection -- card by card, with front and back scans on each file...

...onto the MiniSD card. Now, when I open the photo album, I can literally flip through my entire collection with my finger, at a faster speed than if I had a stack of T206 cards in my hand. And I do not even need to flip the cards over to see the backs, because the backs are side-by-side with the fronts. Also, the resolution is so good that I can "pinch" the screen in order to magnify the images and see the subtle flaws as well as beauty of each individual card.

I have to say, this technology has really improved my enjoyment of my collection. If nothing else, I was able to bring my BlackBerry to the East Coast National card show this past weekend so that I could see whether I needed certain T206 cards and whether the cards available would be upgrades for me.