T206 Marquard (Sterling Sports Auctions)

Okay, can someone PLEASE tell me what the heck happened here? If I am correct, this is the first time in history that a signed Marquard has ever sold for over $1,000 -- let alone $1,200 -- without a Hindu reverse. Of course, it is nice to see signed T206 cards get this kind of respect in the market... but it also makes my plans to hoard them a little more tenuous! I dropped out of this one when the bidding hit $750. With buyer's premium, this beauty went for $1,266.15!!


Perhaps once people realized how cool and rare signed T206 cards are, this sort of price inflation was bound to happen. Apparently, the same thing is happening in the market for T206 miscuts and errors.

I really love to share my collection online at Net54baseball.com and on my website. On the upside, it helps me find signed T206s that I might want to acquire. On the downside, collectors learn more about this little niche of collecting and demand goes up.

While as a potential future seller I would like to think signed T206 Marquards are worth over $1,000, as a current prospective buyer I am going to keep my fingers crossed that this was an aberration!