How Many Signed T206 Cards Exist?

I often get questions of how many different signed T206 poses do I estimate are in existence. As of this writing, I own 39 different poses, if you count Mrs. Blanche McGraw and Mrs. Jane Mathewson on their husbands' respective cards, 37 otherwise. In addition to these, I have seen scans of the following seven (7) additional poses from Jeff Morey's collection: Bush Cravath Lobert Zimmerman Wiltse (Portrait No Cap) Rucker (Throwing) Cobb (Green Portrait) And I have seen credible proof of the following 10 additional poses: Cobb (Portrait Green) Cobb (Bat On) Cicotte Lajoie (Batting) Clarke (Portrait) Walsh Phillippe Chance Speaker Bresnahan (Batting) So that's at least 54 different T206s signed by their subjects. I have heard claims about Stanage, Moriarty, and Schmidt signed poses from a Net54 collector, but I have never seen a copy or scan, so it is hard to fully credit the representation. Other collectors own T206s that are purportedly signed by McGraw, Jennings, and Bender -- but I don't think any of these have been authenticated by JSA or PSA/DNA or another respected third-party authenticator. Renowned autograph dealer Phil Marks says that a bunch of signed T206 Bresnahans exist in private collections, but I have only seen the one batting pose that has been shared here a few times. I have never seen another, or the portrait pose. Shaw and Pattee lived into the 1970s -- in fact Shaw was the 3rd-to-last T206er to pass away, survived only by Livingston and Marquard -- and should thus be reasonably possible. But, I've never seen a scan. So, I would guess conservatively that maybe 60 or so exist in total. I could buy into a more aggressive theory that maybe as many as 70 exist. But, I would bet the under on 75. Since the advent of scanned online auction images in the major auction houses over a decade ago there have been no other sightings than are either in my collection or listed in this post. Still, it is exciting to imagine what could be out there lurking in private collections. In the only email I have ever gotten from Keith Olberman he told me that he had about 25. But, he never responded to my follow-up email about which ones he had. If only all collectors of signed T206 cards would post scans of their treasures, the world would be a better place for us all!