T206 Rucker & T205 Cicotte

I am thrilled to add my first unique pose T206 in over a year -- introducing Nap Rucker! This brings my total of unique signed T206 poses to an even 40 (provided you count Mrs. Jane Mathewson & Mrs. Blanche McGraw). Someone else figured out that this one is extremely rare and really let me have it in the bidding.

I am also extremely excited to add an authentic Eddie Cicotte signed T205 to my collection. Sure, I'd love a T206, but this was too precious to pass up. So, in one night I was able to add a signature that I did not own before, and a signed T206 that I did not own before. I am very pleased! Thanks to whoever the consignor of these beauties is -- I'd sure love to know who had the forethought to get all these signatures on pre-war cards! They deserve all the credit.