Largest New Signed T206 Collection In Seven Years

In November 2013, Heritage held the largest signed T206 card collection auction in seven years.  Not only did this auction feature the first offer of a signed T206 Rucker Throwing in over at least a dozen years, but the prices realized were more or less astronomical, when compared with the most recent public sales of many of these cards.  Ironically, not a single Marquard was available!  However, the other "usual suspects" Doyle and Snodgrass were featured.  For collectors looking to add HOFers, you had three to pick from -- Flick, Wheat and Crawford.  And the prices realized for those were Hall of Fame caliber to be sure.  I was focused on the Rucker, as it was the only one I didn't own.  But the Leach is also ultra-rare.  Just a fantastic collection of beautifully autographed and preserved T206 cards.