September 20 Goodwin Auction

On September 20, 2017, Goodwin sold a whopping seven signed T206 cards. Four of the cards - Doyle, Snodgrass, Leifield & McBride - originated from the 2007 Great Pittsburgh Find of Signed T206 Cards. Jones was from the Jeff Morey Collection; Carrigan was a recent pickup on Cleensweep Auctions, and I'm not sure where the Livingston came from - but there are a lot of them, so a lot of sources are possible.

I thought the prices were pretty solid. But, the consignor took a $1,750 bath on the Carrigan (not including the cost to have it graded). All in all, a relatively inexpensive way for someone to add seven signed T206 poses to his or her collection!

I have these poses already, but I am really excited to learn if anyone here picked any of these up. Always nice to keep them in the family!