We got married four years ago.  I looked Sharp(e) in my Good(e) tuxedo without a single Frill (I had some help from a Ta(y)lor).  I was a handsome Groom and she was a beautiful (Mc)Bride.  We each invited a Parent and in the end many Persons came.  We couldn't decide on a color for the bridesmaids' gowns – we tried Brown and Gray, but in the end went with Lavender.

Getting married was a bit like walking the Plank, but it was very exciting.  We got married Down(s) by the Bay, in the Man(s)ion near the old Burch and Oak(es) trees but in front of the Bush.  You know, just south of the Lake (I think it is called Westlake).  The stained glass was beautiful; each Payne had such brilliant detail.  There was a light Easterly wind and the wedding Bell chimed all day long.  You didn't have to Flick the bugs off you like in most Summers.  A Paige walked our rings down the Hall.  I got my wife a gigantic Stone.  And all the while a musician with a lot of Mer(r)it(t) played "here comes the bride" on her Viola(t).

The priest was a great Speaker.  After we received the blessing of the Lord, there was a huge Bender down by the local pub.  There was a lot of confusion how to get there – some went Criss, others went Cross.  Fortunately, the town Marshall was on hand to give people clear directions across the Street and then down the R(h)oad(es).  We drove our brand new Car(r).

At the pub there was tons of food, but the best was the corn on the Cobb.  We hired the best Baker for our wedding, and he whipped up quite a Batch of cakes, made from the finest Wheat and each with magnificent White icing.  We had a wedding Ball, complete with a Butler.  But unfortunately it was dark because the electricity was on the Fritz.  As a result, the room looked quite Stark, but it was nice that you could see the Star(r)s quite clearly out the window.

Our honeymoon was in Milan.  It was a great trip, but there was a delay when we had an emergency stopover in Poland.  The Power(s) went out in one of the engines, but everyone was F(e)ine. All in all, marriage has been Bliss.

You don't have to have a great Brain to know that when you find the woman of your dreams you propose right away.  Try not to think about the Burns you suffered in past relationships, like the time you tried to date a Hooker.  Take a Chance; while there is excitement in the Chase and being a Hunter, finding the one you want to spend the rest of your life with is better than being a Freeman – you want a relationship that will last for Ever(s).  In the end, it is all about having H(e)art and being willing to stand at the Helm come what may.  Be a Knight in shining armor; a King to her queen – a regular Mr. (W)Right.  Find a woman that will Kling to you for eternity, just hopefully not like a Leach.  Don't tolerate any Malarkey.  You might need a pick ax and a Spade to find her, but if you Tinker with it just right, you might find the love of your life while you are still Young.

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